maugorn (maugorn) wrote,

What can I say? I LOVE that bird!

I'm taking triple advantage of last Saturday being superlatively lucrative, today being a pretty rainy day. plus an empty house to to do some audio editing for a (next?) CD.

And I've just got to say that as much as I love the pristine quality you get with studio recordings, that you absolutely can not beat the serendipitous genius of a perfectly chirping bird giving a cameo in a live performance. It totally puts that last bit of colour into the song's atmosphere. I mean, I *wanted* a studio version with some extra instrumental counterpoint for this particular song, but that bird is as good as anything I could have played.

I LOVE that bird! Even if the track wasn't as good as I think it is (and I think it's GREAT take of the song), I would be tempted to put that version into the album, just to keep that bird.
Tags: recording
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