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I got a little bit of grief the other day when someone complained that they were tired of 'everything' being about race lately.
I got grief for pointing out that they should imagine what it's like to actually *be* of some minority race. How tired must *they* be?

Seriously. If you're white in this country, only occasionally is your race an actual issue. So much so, that when it is, it's weird, shocking, cognitively dissonant. Conversely to hear people "constantly" complaining about racial issues *can* get tiring, when it's not an issue you deal with.

But if you're a minority, then really it *is* a constant issue. At any given minute, just trying to conduct your life, your race (or religion, or sexual orientation, even your appearance) can pop up like a bad penny that you keep trying to get rid of. The school you get to go to (or not), the school you're *forced* to go to, the places you can shop, how you're dressed, where when and *how* you walk, where you drive, what you say, *how* you say it, whom you marry, whom you divorce, where you go to church, *how* you observe your religion, where you get to work, what your job gets to be, how much you're paid, your chances of promotion, your chance of being arrested, convicted, fined, executed, KILLED BEFORE YOU EVEN SEE A MAGISTRATE... on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... ALL of that can be impacted by your minority status, especially your race, ie, the color of your skin. And Gods help you if someone actually *notices* that your status puts you at a disadvantage and takes some steps to equalise the scales.

Then again, YOUR minority status is the root of THEIR complaints (usually white peoples') of how *they're* being passed over because YOU are getting special treatment for your race, religion, sexual orientation, or what the fucking fuck ever.
Yeah, imagine living in a world where it's always about your race, no matter what you do.

So, you think YOU'RE tired of it and wish someone would just talk or post about SOMETHING else for a change? Guess what? You're not alone. But your comrades in this feeling are not whom you think they are.

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S 10/03/09Mother Earth Harvest Festival Spoutwood Farm, Glen Rock PA
S 10/24/09Esoterica 8-10pm Leesburg VA
T 10/27/09New Deal Cafe 7-9pm Greenbelt MD
S 10/31/09 Constellation Books 3pm-? Reisterstown MD
F-Su 11/27-29/09Darkover Timonium MD (tentative)
S 1/9/10 12th Night Feast at St Margaret's 3-10pmParkville MD

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