maugorn (maugorn) wrote,

Might Be A Good Sign...

So, this dream this morning might be a good sign, a positive omen, a sign of internal progress, whatever, I'll take it. But boy was it sure annoying.

See, I was to attend and perform at this Pagan Gathering, and I was looking forward to it and all, but the way in was LONG. And it had to be walked. And it was up this huge hill and then down the other side and back up a slope to some plateau. With my stuff, it was quite the drag. But I was clever. On the downward side of the huge hill, I cobbled together some of my things into a crude sled and I *slid* down the hill. Yay me.

But that wasn't the annoying part. No, that came when I got to the sound stage and I noticed this huge pile of sound gear and amps and stuff, piled up in a big pile. All over various of the pieces I noticed a little green stripe, done with a paint marker or green electrical tape.

"Hey, that's the same mark I use to identify *my* mic stands and cables" I thought to myself. "This won't be confusing at all" (and now some of my soundgeeky friends will cluck a 'toldja so' for not making a more complex colour combo to disambiguate- shut up. It's MY dream.) But wait, there's more... Upon examination of the stuff, various of the items had my little green mark, the runic "M" symbol that I've turned into a pair of beamed 1/8th notes, that I mark my gear with. And then, of course, in dream logic, I started *recognising* various pieces of the gear as things that I've lost, had stolen, or misplaced. A bunch of MY crap was, in fact sitting on this stage. I asked where the person(s) who put this stuff there were, and, of course, no one knew. They were "off doing some errand" or something.

So that led me to my dilemma: do I make a scene? Do I confront these people who have my things? Do I get mad and hulk out at them? I *knew* I wasn't going to let them get away with this (whoever they were), it was *my* stuff they had. What bothered me was whether I'd be believed and whether I'd jeopardise my own deal with this event by acting on what I knew.

I woke up just after I decided, that since my things had been stolen, that I would simply steal them back. No one was really watching and it was all "someone else's problem" as far as they were concerned. Of course the problem of the big hill wound up being sort of glossed over, but this was a dream after all. The important part was that someone took things from me and I made the proactive decision to simply take them back. (insert tigery roar here)
Tags: dreams
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