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For no good reason at all, I woke up with these thoughts in my head about suicide. Not my own, in general.

I suppose it's a reaction to all of the recent FB postings asking people to post that they care about it. I'm not a big FB bandwagon jumperoner so I let them go by, but as of this morning, I realise that I do have some thoughts on one part of that matter.

I am no longer a Catholic or a Christian, but I remember a lot of what I was taught (for good and/or ill). Something I've *always* disagreed with is the notion that suicide is a sin, and that people guilty of this sin are going to Hell. I understand that Modern thoughts on this matter are walking that notion back as a better understanding of mental illness and depression makes it's way into theological ponderances.

But I can still feel that notion, that judgement present when I hear of peoples' reactions to suicide. I don't think that it's fully trickled down into the culture at large that this should be treated as a tragedy only, without the baggage of "sin" being applied to it.

My thoughts this morning were along these lines:

If you (random reader) harbour any notions that suicide is a sin, and that sin will (or should) be punished in the Afterlife, I am NOT with you on that, because it makes NO sense to me.

If you believe in a loving, merciful God, how in the HELL can you square the idea that the despair and hopelessness that lead to suicide are something that should be punished? What could be more WRONG than a merciful loving "parent" punishing a child for opting out of their despair? No. That just doesn't work. That would be wrong; collossally, epically, cosmically WRONG. And any religion who teaches that about a God who is supposed to love us, has got it wrong. Period. I am very pleased to know that this notion is on it's way out of religious thought that they (and we) are realising that comfort and healing are what the responses to despair should be, not punishment. Let's finish kicking this antiquated abusive response to the curb. It's not God, who is wrong here, it's us. WE need to change.
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