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It was like watching a Nature Documentary (The hunting and takedown of a sealion)

You know how sometimes you just don't want to slog through 120 comments on a controversial thread because you're just so fucking tired of the bullshit and people talking past each other.
Well today, I was rewarded for this persistence.
Sit back and hear the tale:

So someone on my FB friends list posted a post about why punching Nazis is a recommended course of action with a set of rather poignant screen caps from someone whose relative was an Auschwitz survivor. Powerful stuff showing just how closely connected to horror we can be.

Someone came on to try and hijack the thread claiming that a "friend of a friend" had been stabbed "just for *looking* like a Nazi". Naturally, people called BS on it and the replier in question came back all butthurt claiming it really happened in Denver and that they were "searching for the details" which they would provide. The convo continued with the RIQ continuing to double down on how it was just as bad to punch someone who was advocating for your destruction as what they were doing, ignoring the *lack* of 2nd Ammendment protections for incitement etc... Back and forth back and forth
"Punch the Nazis" "No. Punching Nazis is WRONG!" blah blah blah. And the RIQ kept coming back to her "innocent" FOAF.


One of the other repliers went and found a "fascinating" bit of news. Yes, someone in Denver had indeed claimed that they were unprovokedly attacked in a parking lot by someone they claimed was going at them for "looking like a Nazi". Yes there was a police report. Yes the transient matching the alleged assailant was questioned. But the transient had an alibi AND the surveillance footage from the place and time clearly showed NOTHING happening, even though it showed the accuser and his car. So the accuser was interviewed again, at which time he admitted that he had accidentally cut *himself* with a knife he had just purchased (a purchase which they *could* verify), and had made the attack up out of whole cloth.
He lied.

The RIQ just shifted goalposts when confronted with the truth (predictable), but it was still just GLORIOUS to see the truth win for a change in a charged debate.

Whether you agree that punching Nazis is a good thing or not, debate that on it's merits. But I find it telling that anecdotes of innocent people being targeted are not only few but just not panning out.
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