maugorn (maugorn) wrote,

My Whole World Changed Today!

I have just had my world rocked and my mind blown! Mark this day, for as of now everything is going to be different!

While tugging at a hanging thread in my brain today I went to YouTube where I saw a picture of a record. Mildly amused that such a record existed (Bob McCallister singing songs from the old “Wonderama” TV show) I typed it into Google and there it was.
But that doesn’t do this justice.
I mean

Yes, the record was there, but that is almost immaterial. What IT was is the website called:

It’s an online database of records albums in LP, CD, etc, but that’s not all, oh no...

On this site along with all kinds of info there are collectors. Collectors not only putting up info, but cataloguing their own collections AND also putting up “Want” and “Have” lists—-
which means that records are there FOR SALE!!!

Curious, I typed in a few of my usual suspects that I’ve been looking for and TADA! there they were. All of them. Then I decided to challenge and test. And there they were; all of them. ALL. OF. THEM!!! I could not think of a record that I could not find. Some of the super duper rare titles were just pricey was all.

I found the CD version of the _Liquid Sky_ soundtrack that is only rumored to exist when you ask at used record stores. Sure they *know* about it. But no, they don’t have one. Well, I found *multiple* copies. And more than a PAGE of listings for _Lucky Leif And The Longships_!! I can replace that German pressing of Kraftwerk’s _Doppelalbum_ that my Mom got me in Berlin (but was catastrophically water damaged). That Tim Hart/Maddy Prior album that I have on a cassette bootlegged from a friend- there it was AND the follow up album to it as well!
I tried and tried and could not find a record that this site didn’t know of AND have listings of it for sale.

I found myself channeling Bill Hader’s SNL character “Stefan”; putting my hands up to my face and breathlessly sighing through my fingers: “They. Have. EVERYTHING!”

This is what they’ve been promising me that the Internet could do, and I’ve finally found that tipping point.

I believe now. I truly believe.

I’ll still be pawing thru the piles and boxes at yard sales, thrift stores and used record stores seeing what floats out. Amazon too. But now when there’s a particular title I want and it’s not out there, there is, in fact, a viable alternative that is scoring 100% on any search I put to it.

And all because this morning I woke up with “The Fingleheimer Song” in my head. Thanks, Professor!
Tags: lps!
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