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Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn

Scene: The very end of our last "Sugglebunny Salon" where we have people over to listen to our vinyl record collection. This time we were choosing from the K's.

Thank you, Kraftwerk! _Autobahn_ helped create a whole new musical genre by shaking up the genre that everyone *thought* it belonged in. Sure, you could listen to synthesiser music in 1974. There was a lot of it being made. But much of it was either super serious/head trippy (which was cool); or it was super avant-garde/head trippy (which was also cool). But too much of it was musically mediocre that we were supposed to be impressed with ‘ cause it was high tech.
And then came _Autobahn_. It was just this happy unpretentious road trip for your ears which was exactly what it was supposed to be. So deceptively simple. The lyrics are silly, almost stupid. And yet you had no chance of dissing it because as soon as you’d try, it hooked you in with some catchy little groove. So many groovy catchy little riffs! They just grab you and pull you along, and next thing you know you’re singing along:
“Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn”

It was a total ambush of synth music in 1974, but guess what? It still works! OMG, I was right there in it all over again, with the windows of my mind rolled down and no care where we were headed cause it’s an adventure!
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