maugorn (maugorn) wrote,

Klaatu. I still believe!

Scene: Our last "Sugglebunny Salon" where we have people over to listen to our vinyl record collection. This time we were choosing from the K's.

When their first album came out, the single “Calling Occupants” caused quite the stir.
The band didn’t put their names on the record, and EVERYONE noticed how the vocals, instrumentals and production sounded JUST LIKE THE BEATLES!!!!
They weren’t. They were just that good and they just ran with this superpower. They totally played to it and let the buzz help the records sell like crazy.
Hearing it again always takes me right back. My fourteen year old self was a total Beatles fan coming of age too late to see them together. I was also a budding SciFi fan. So an album that was both “Space Rock” and a suspected secret Beatles reunion?
14 year old me TOTALLY believed.
Gods, this is still one of my favourite records!

Guilty confession: my inner fourteen year old still believes- every time. And the more about music I learn, the more I learn about sound and music production, the more I’m able to hear the Beatles’ stylistic nuances, the more that 14 year old me points and says “See? SEEE??!!!”
Man they were good! They were *that* good!
And they still get me.
And I still believe.
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